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Guests should pre-register and pay online prior to the dance. Once inside the building, we ask guests to check in at the entry area. Hosts will mark you as attending. If you had questions about how to register, our hosts will be happy to help you with that at the door.

Online Payments

Create a nametag and pick up a green ribbon at the table to add to your nametag. The green ribbon indicates, you are willing to dance with people other than your partner.

Sponsors do not need to register for a dance, nor do they have to check in! Do remember to bring your nametag. Tip: keep it with your dance shoes.


We have several members who are dance instructors. They take turns offering a free class prior to the dance itself. Take advantage of this chance to learn a new step or two by coming a little early to the dance! The lesson starts at 6:45

More About Our Dance Instructors


The band begins to play at 7:30! They play 3 sets with 15-minute breaks between sets. Club announcements are made during the first break.

The dance ends at 10:30 pm. Our club policy is for attendees to clean up their tables prior to leaving the dance to reduce clean-up costs on the facility staff. Both recycle and regular trash containers are located around the room for your convenience.

Read More About Our Bands

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The club provides ice, water, and popcorn.

Many members bring snacks to share with other dancers and a table is provided for this purpose. Please be considerate of others, this table is not intended to be a meal.



Social dancing is an honored tradition of elegance and fabulous music. We understand that times change, and the world and events are more casual. Still, we want to respect the quality of musicianship and the hard work that creates a very special Saturday evening event.  

You'll find that most people come dressed to impress - dresses, nice pants and shirt. Please, NO jeans, tank tops or shorts.

Consider investing in standard dance shoes. Their suede soles grip the floor while letting you slide, spin, and turn with control. You will be amazed at what you can do in the right shoe! They are comfortable and last for years. Kept clean and dry, they protect the dance floor, too. Please, NO sneakers! Dance wax is not permitted on the floor for safety reasons.

Some of our dances have a theme that inspires a change of costume. A Valentine themed dance might call for red or an island themed dance may suggest a Hawaiian shirt and lei! Christmas and New Year's Eve dances are semi-formal to formal.

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