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Formed over 35 years ago, Goodtimes Dance Club has delighted dancers in the Front Range communities of Northern Colorado with a friendly, dance environment and quality live music. We are a non-profit, social club formed to promote ballroom dancing.

Our purpose is to provide dance education and promote traditional big-band and ballroom social dancing in Northern Colorado. Colorado is home to some of the finest big band musicians who bring live band sounds and opportunities to share the experience with future generations. Through their efforts, Goodtimes Dance Club wants to promote and preserve a culture of social dancing and appreciation of classic big band music to all community members in a diverse and inclusive manner.

Our dance season starts in September, and we hold a dance once a month through June. We focus on live music provided by a variety of bands from small combos to large 16-piece bands. Each of our dances offers a great mix of the most common social dancing genres (waltz, foxtrot, tango, cha-cha, rumba) and swing (jive, East and West Coast).

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